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Does Drain-Rooter offer drain cleaning services in Edmonton & Area?

Yes, Drain-Rooter does all kinds of drain and sewer cleaning. If you have any problem in your house, drain blockage, sewer backup or flooding in your basement and floor drain, and you need a professional sewer cleaner, call Drain-Rooter for all your emergency drain cleaning we are 24/7 emergency service.

Does Drain-Rooter offer drain cleaning for kitchen sink in Edmonton & Area?

Yes, we do drain cleaning for the kitchen sink, over time kitchen drains can clog from the building of grease and fats. We offer high pressure water jetting to clean those drains, we can come quickly in the same day to get it repaired, for kitchen sink clogs or any blockage give us a call!

Can Drain-Rooter do drain cleaning for a clogged toilet, bathroom sink, tub and shower?

Yes we can! Drain cleaning and unclogging clogged or blocked drain is our specialty. If you have hair, toothpaste and other buildup we will get your pipes running smoothly again.

Does Drain-Rooter offer trenchless sewer replacement?

Of course! We do all types of sewer services like sewer line repair and sewer line replacement, we use the latest trenchless sewer replacement (pipe bursting technology) to save you in cost and time with no time.

Does Drain-Rooter sewer cleaner offer sewer locating service in Edmonton & Area?

Yes! If you have sewer backup or flooding in the floor drain in your home causing by a sewer collapsed sewer blockage we can do a sewer line locate, then we fix the sewer blockage and repair or replace the sewer line. Call Drain-Rooter 24/7 service aware expert in sewer locating and sewer repair & replacement.

Does Drain-Rooter offer video camera inspections in Edmonton & Area?

Yes! We do offer video camera inspection of your sewer line to determine what is going inside the drain to eliminate the guess work and can determine the exact location of the blockage or the collapse pipe and advice if the sewer line can repair or sewer replacement is required.

When can you tell if you need a professional drain cleaner?

Most homeowners use home remedies or some tools like a toilet plunger to clear a clog or blockage. When all else fails, it’s time to call in a professional drain cleaner. Call us we have specialized tools, knowledge & experience to help you clean out clogs and blockage drains.

How do you know if you have a sewer backup?

If you have been noticing unusual activity with your plumbing fixtures like more than one drain in your home is clogged, hear gurgling sounds or any smells, don’t let your sewer backup lead to additional problems. Call us immediately, and we will send one from our best drain cleaner in Edmonton & area.

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